Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This is me...

I'd like to be able to sing that song from Camp Rock but I can't. It would totally tell you all exactly who I am, but I guess because I can't sing, this will have to do. I've always been the kind of girl, that hid my face. I'm so afraid to tell the world what I've got to say. Haha kidding. But really, I think every girl, well guys too - people in general really - could relate to that song. There are so many pieces about ourselves that we'd like to open up and show the world but we're too self conscious to do anything about it. It's like when I had singing lessons when I was younger; i'd sing in front of my teacher because I had to - and frankly, we were paying her to listen to me - but I would purposely sing like a loser in front of my family and then joke about it. It's easier to put ourselves down that it is to stand up and put ourselves out there.

Okay, so me... I like to write. I've just recently - in the last few days - finished writing a story. Cool I know. It's titled 'Bound by Elimination' - hense the name of my blog. It's been a long journey and in actual fact, I finished it nearly a year ago, but I've just finished going through it and making it BETTER! It's been an amazing experience getting to know my characters and if I had kids, I'd say that I love them more than my kids. Kidding! I have a dog named Sally and I love her more than my characters because I didn't make her up. She's her own self and she surprises me all the time. That's the difference between real people and Characters though. My characters never surprise me... because I made them up!

Right now, literally while I write, BBE is in the process of being checked by a friend before I send it off to a publisher. The publisher whom I'm dearly hoping will read the first page and fall in love and offer me MILLIONS just to finish reading it! I don't think that's ever happened before in the history of publishing - but we can always hope.
So anyway, I guess you will learn about who I am along the way/as I update.

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