Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Process of elimination

An issue is only an issue if you have an issue with it. Eliminating the issue:

We start with something whole. Something with a question, an issue. Then we take that something whole and split it up into something like a... well a mess really. Then we have to organise the mess into subjects, piles or categories so we know what everything is and what we're going to do with that mess. The next step put the mess back together, back to being a whole.

So again, we have something whole, something with a question, an issue. The only difference now is that we have an organised mess within the whole. So one by one, we take one pile away from the whole to find out if that's what the question is, what the issue is. The process is repeated until the question or issue is found.

It's only when the question or issue is found that we can deal with it. And by deal with it, I mean, eliminate it.
Eliminate the issue.

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