Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lost in a Battle Zone

I was driving on the highway this morning minding my own business. I was singing my head off to my favourite song that was of course blasting through my broken speakers to drown out my awful screeching.

Okay, so I’m driving along, doing what I do, when I can’t help but notice the army trucks on the other side of the highway going in the opposite direction. I’m talking green, tan and whatever the other colours the army has, trucks. There were 5 or 6 of them all travelling along, one after the other. On the top of each of them there were 2 or 3 army people, standing, watching where they’ve been. I could tell they were army people because they were all dressed in the same army colours as the truck. They even had hard hats and all in those colours! I suppose they’re camouflage colours, but I could still see them when I was travelling 100km/h in the opposite direction! There were guns positioned on the top of the trucks to, at the ready. Just in case.

When I saw these trucks, I couldn’t help but think about war…

Would I see an opposing team chasing after the trucks I saw? Would I drive into a battle zone? Were the trucks driving away from a war scene? Were they going towards a war? What on earth was happening? - If anything at all.

After hearing recently of the death of a worldwide known terrorist, Bin Lardin, I couldn’t help but think that the war from overseas could possibly be coming to Australia. It is a very real possibility that was could come of that it’s already hear.

Sometimes I get a feeling that I’ve missed something. Like I’ve missed a major news headline that I should have seen or heard about by now. I sometimes feel out of the loop, like my life has been travelling along some current or rip, like tunnel vision, but it’s my life.

Thinking about war also makes me think about all the Australian’s who are overseas fighting to keep the war out of Australia. They’re also fighting for other countries because of their alliance with us. It makes me think of them risking their lives for my safety, for the safety of my family and friends. It makes me think of their families and how worried they must be. Those men and women are the bravest people I’ve ever thought about. I don’t know anyone personally, but I can imagine the fear their families endure.

Getting back on track...
So when I was driving along, singing along terribly, minding my own business, the world or my country could have very well, broken out into war. If that would be the case I’d be lost. I’d be lost in a war. Lost in a battle zone.

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