Tuesday, 20 September 2011

to be or not to be continued...

So I went to the beach to kill some time today and got a bit carried away with people watching. It made my imagination do something really wack! And this is what I came up with...

A small child, maybe 3 or so years old running towards the crashing waves then squealing and running back as soon as the chill of the water touches skin. But that stupid child keeps running back and forth, squealing each and ever time that water gets too close.

Is that really what humans are like? They're so stupid; they experience a bad feeling and yet they go back for more. They make the same mistakes over and over again. I've been told that the human race has the most potential. They evolved the fastest; their technology is second to ours and they're catching up fast. That's why I'm here - I had to see for myself.

I don't know how they stand to live like this. I don't know how they live like this at all, let alone having to stand it. They shouldn't have to really. If I agree to what they want me to do, it would all change. There would be no need for the human child to run squealing from a small crashing wave it knows it's going to come in contact with anyway. Did I mention how stupid that is?

They might be the race who has developed the fastest and who have the most potential but I really feel for their stupidity.
"It's because they don't know any different," a voice said from beside me. I knew Natika would come here even though I asked her not to. I wanted her to stay behind. I wanted to experience this on my own; make up my own mind.

I didn't say anything at first. I considered ignoring her; pretending I didn't see or hear her, but instead I sighed.
"What are you doing here?"
"They don't just create thechnology; they've go one up on us Lotta; they have evolving emotions, feelings. Balance. That's why the Mother wants you to do it," she said, ignoring my question.

Finally I looked at her. She smiled encouragingly. She wanted me to do it, but I couldn't help but be unsure about it.

I may or may not continue with this...

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