Wednesday, 7 September 2011

From HP to TW: How to write for Young Adults

As promised, I'm here to tell you how the workshop at the Brisbane Writers Festival was. I attended the "From Harry Potter to Tim Winton: How to write for Young Adults" today and it was out of this world! well... not literally, it was held at the Queensland State Library. Belinda Jeffrey was the speaker and I was very impressed; she did a fantastic job.

The material of the workshop itself was very useful to me. We covered many different topics from how many words a YA novel should be to good (and bad) opening sentences and pages. We were given handouts that I will no doubt refer back to regularly.

There were people there from all different writing backgrounds. Some just starting out with absolutely no experience (Welcome!); some people like myself who've done a bit of writing and aren't afraid to admit we need some guidance; creative writing university students; and people who've actually been published! So there was definitely a variety of people who attended.

During some of the writing exercises I think I've come up with an idea for my next story. On my train ride home I even started plotting out how that idea might come to life! It's only a little spark so far, but it has the potential to turn into fireworks!

Happy Reading, Happy Writing!

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  1. Yeah it was a pretty awesome workshop. Looking forward to reading some of your stuff!!

    I've been toying with a few ideas I came across on Wednesday too but they are all still dot points more so than anything else. We will see what happens.

    Good luck writing!