Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's where the air is clear

I wanna start out by saying that we live in a very beautiful country. I've just been on a bit of a road trip to the out back, to a small town called Yuleba. It's where the air is clear (except from smoke - it's back burn season) and there sometimes isn't another person in sight. It's where the dirt is real red, not fake. It's where people wave and say hello to you no matter who you are; and it's where the pace is slower. (Maybe because there isn't any phone reception? - Just saying)

The drive out took about five and a half hours of me screaming along to the music crackling out of my broken speakers. And I didn't see a kangaroo at all... the whole way! I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. However, I DID see some pretty amazing sites: a sign saying "Amaze yourself, visit...", paddocks and paddocks of farming land and lots and lots of trees. And did I mention that the air is clear out there? Consider it mentioned.

The reason for my trip to the middle of nowhere you might ask? I went out to see a friend who has been living it up in the fresh air. I can't believe it's taken me eight months to actually go out and see her! It definately wont be that long before my next visit.

I'll let you in on a little secret... even though they're small towns out there, double check for servos... I stopped at a town on my way home to fill up and I thought to myself "This is a small town, this is probably the only servo so I better fill up here." So I did at $1.55 a litre! Still thinking that this is the only servo in town I watched as the price went past $60 and then pass $70, and then past $80. I grudgingly went inside and payed the nice people and told them to have a good day. But as I drive out of the drive way and around the corner... what do I find? Not just another servo, but 3 more servos who all had their petrol price a whole ELEVEN cents cheaper than where I actually filled up!

Other than that little hiccup, my road trip to the great outback was great!

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