Saturday, 2 July 2011

Perfection will never come

It's not true what they say. Practice doesn't make perfect. It makes you better at what ever it is you're doing, but nothing is perfect to everyone.

One of the many creative things that I like to do is paint. I randomly thought to myself about 12 months ago that I'd like to do a painting. So I did. I liked it at the time but knew that I could always improve. Of course I'd had no training or anything like that, so I was on my own. I tried a few more paintings, then started to add texture to it and liked each one better than the last. Now each time I start a new painting, I try a completely different technique or colour or surface than I've ever tried before and again, I like each one better than the last.

So what I'm trying to say is, no one can improve so much as to perfection. They can only improve. But along the way, there are many lessons to be learned. For example, so far I've learned different ways of applying paint, texture paste and plaster to canvas, I've learned how to make different shapes with different brushes and many other things too, just by trial and error.

So my point is, practice as much as you can, but don't expect perfection because it will never come :)

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